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  CW Orders Comedy ‘Backpackers’ From Digital Studio

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The series will become the first from CW Seed to be expanded for an on-air broadcast.


The CW is looking to its digital studio CW Seed for comedy.

The youth-skewing network has ordered online comedy Backpackers to series, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The CW will reconstitute the online episodes into the first four half-hours, with six more web installments filmed but yet to be streamed. The network has ordered 10 half-hour episodes.

This marks the first time an online series produced by the broadcast network’s digital studio will make the transition. Backpackers, which stars Dillon Casey and Noah Reid as two friends backpacking across Europe after one of them is dumped by their girlfriend, will air in the summer.

The Backpackers pickup comes as The CW has slowly been pushing into original scripted comedy fare. The network revived unscripted entry Whose Line Is It Anyway last year and found success with the Aisha Tyler-hosted half-hour. Network president Mark Pedowitz has repeatedly said if that series was successful, he would use it as a building block for a comedy lineup. The network renewed it for a supersized second run — up 10 episodes to 24 — and moved it to the summer.

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  Dillon Casey Audio Interview with John Moore

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Check out this great Audio Interview of Dillon Casey with John Moore on Newstalk 1010 Morning Show!


  Dillon Casey & Enrico Colantoni Interview with The Arts Guild

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Enjoy this chat with Dillon Casey and Enrico Colantoni about their roles in new medical drama ‘Remedy’



  A hospital drama bad boy? Dillon Casey is your Remedy

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Dillon Casey Remedy
“It’s essentially a family drama within a hospital. It centers mostly on what’s happening with the Connor family, where the father [Enrico Colantoni] is the Chief of Staff of Bethune Hospital. He has two daughters: Melissa [Sara Canning], the goody-goody who did everything that she was supposed to do. She became a doctor. Then there’s Sandy [Sarah Allen]. She could have been a doctor, but she just has more personality to be a nurse. Then there’s Griffin, that’s the guy who I play,” Dillon Casey explains over coffee about his new Global vehicle, Remedy, in which he stars as a wayward med school dropout and constant source of embarrassment to his high-achieving family.

“He was going to follow in his footsteps and he’s the smartest guy in the room with straight As through school without even trying. Then at some point in med school he starts to rebel a bit. He starts taking drugs to deal with his boredom and ends up stealing prescription pads from his dad to write fake prescriptions.”

Griffin eventually cuts ties from his family, but after a bar room brawl, finds himself being treated at Bethune Hospital. It’s here that episode one of Remedy picks up, throwing us into an uncomfortable family reunion among the blood, syringes and medico-legal politics of a busy E.R. As the prodigal son, Griffin’s return incites a mix of emotions from his parents and siblings, but Casey assures us he’s not all that bad.

“He’s just sort of a guy that has a tough time consistently doing the right thing. He screws up a lot but his intentions are always good. At least it seems like his intentions are always good,” he says while sipping on a brew during one of his rare days off. “He’s still not sure if he wants to be a doctor or not, and the family is putting pressure on him to go back to med school. He then ends up working as a porter, an orderly”

The medical angle is an interesting subject for Casey, whose own father also carved a career as a doctor. Opting for acting over medicine, Casey says he never felt the same kind of pressure to follow in the familial footsteps, but to some extent, still feels he can relate to the troubled Griffin.

“I went to McGill and I went to U. of T., but the whole time I was there I was thinking, ‘How can I get out of this, go be an actor?’ I can relate to the guy in the sense that his life was headed in one direction, he got freaked out and just literally just dropped out of it. That’s kind of what I did. I didn’t get freaked out, but I just pulled the trigger and went the exact opposite way.”

Unlike Griffin, Casey never hit the rock-bottom depths of drug addiction, machete fights and parental disappointment. To the contrary, he’s flying high on a series of successful television shows like Skins, Torchwood and Nikita. Remedy will be his biggest leading role to date, but there’s no doubt that the actor is up for the challenge, even if that means shooting in some ruffling situations.

“There was a fan on Twitter who managed to sneak on the set as an extra to take these pictures,” he says. “I would go home and there would be all these weird pictures that she tweeted with comments like, ‘Dillon seems like he’s in a bad mood today. Usually he’s all laughing.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this person is spying on me, who is she?’ I knew she was there, but I didn’t know who she was!”

But zealous extras aside, Casey does have a favourite moment from the season so far: A touching father-son moment bonding over good food and women. If you could call it that.

“There’s an episode that Enrico Colantoni directed where he brought [Griffin] to the strip club because he had to inoculate all these strippers. This is the same strip club where Griffin used to work and they tell them they’ve got to hurry up because they’re going to put out the buffet. At the strip club. He’s all grossed out and I’m like, ‘Well actually the butter chicken’s pretty good.’ He’s like, ‘Really?’ The next scene cuts to me eating butter chicken while he’s inoculating all these strippers. That was one of my favorites.”

Remedy premieres Monday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global

Source: MSN Entertainment


  Dillon Casey and Genelle Williams share their first impressions of Remedy

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Recently, two of the stars of Remedy got to see the premiere episode for the first time. We asked them how the finished product compares to the show they imagined when they were hired.

Genelle Williams (Bitten, Warehouse 13), who plays Personal Service Attendant Zoe Rivera, knew she was getting into a hospital show, but was intrigued by the upstairs/downstairs perspective and the Conner family storyline. “I was under the assumption that the family drama would play out as a side story, but it is front and centre. The show is a family drama that just happens to take place in a hospital.”

“I assumed at first that it would be very hospital-y. I remember thinking when I first read the script, ‘How does Zoe fit in all of this? She’s a PSA, how does that work in a show about doctors?’” Zoe’s storyline is prominent in Episode 101, and audiences can expect to see a lot of her this season.


Similarly, Dillon Casey (Nikita, MVP) was impressed by Remedy’s sense of humour. “In my mind, the tone of the show was darker. I was pleasantly surprised by the funnier, lighter moments. The humour comes from the show’s natural pacing. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion, you know? You go to those dark places and you juxtapose that with a really funny scene right after. It’s nice because that’s what real life is like.”

Humour in very unlikely places

Creator/showrunner Greg Spottiswood (King, Shattered) agrees: “One thing that fundamentally interests me is tone. If you work in an intense environment like a hospital, you find humour in very unlikely places. You get moments of absurdity contrasted with moments of deep sadness and loss, or some form of celebration. What most interests me is how to tell stories that embrace both the light and the dark. In a hospital environment it can’t always be dark, sad and intense; there are little victories and big victories too.”

Medicine and family, drama and humour, darkness and light, Remedy isn’t just another hospital show. Join us on Monday, Feb. 24 at 9 et/pt for the premiere of Canada’s newest drama. For more behind-the-scenes secrets from Genelle, Dillon and Greg, re-watch Remedy with our new Video Extra feature on globaltv.com, available the day after broadcast.

When is Remedy on TV? In Canada, Remedy airs Mondays at 9 et/pt on Global TV
Where can I watch Remedy online for free? GlobalTV.com/remedy/index.html streams full episodes of Remedy online for free, or watch with the Global Go app on your iOS or Android mobile device. Episodes are typically posted the day after the initial on-air broadcast.

Source: Global TV


  Remedy Cast Interview on the Morning Show

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The Remedy cast sit down for a great interview on the Morning Show! Watch it online here!


  Live Chat With The Cast Of ‘Remedy’

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Remedy cast1

Remedy is Global’s new high-stakes medical drama that goes beyond the operating room and dives into the gripping stories of  hospital staff who make the healing happen.

Now you can interact with the cast of this hot new show, right here during our live chat starting at 2:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 18!

Dillon Casey (Nikita, The Vow, MVP) plays Griffin Conner, a med-school dropout and the son of the Chief of Staff at Bethune General Hospital, where Griffin now works as an orderly at after a disgraceful exit from school. Working “downstairs” alongside a cast of colourful characters, Griffin gets a new perspective on a world he thought he knew.

Award-winning actor Enrico Colantoni (Flashpoint, Galaxy Quest, Veronica Mars) plays Chief of Staff and patriarch Allen Conner.  Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries, Primeval: New World) plays Melissa, a general surgeon with her own set of complex issues and Sarah Allen (Jozi-H, Murdoch Mysteries) plays Sandy, Chief of Staff Conner’s eldest daughter, an ICU nurse and bride-to-be.

Remedy’s action-packed premiere isn’t until Monday, February 24, but you can get show secrets from Dillon, Enrico, Sarah and Sara right here Tuesday starting at 2:30 p.m. ET!



  Remedy Sneak Peek: Griffin Comes to Beth Hospital

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10 days! Countdown to the season premiere of Global’s new medical drama Remedy starring our favorite canadian actor Dillon Casey and here is a brand new Sneak Peek vid of the series for your entertainment and delight


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