Dillon Casey Interview on the Set of A Perfect Christmas
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Dillon Casey talks about why “A Perfect Christmas” will resonate with Hallmark Channel fans.

“A Perfect Christmas” follows a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas together. They invite their families to join them for the holidays, but when Steve (Dillon Casey) is laid off just before Christmas and Cynthia (Susie Abromeit) discovers she’s pregnant, they both keep their news secret in hopes that the celebration runs smoothly.

The movie premieres on Saturday, July 16th at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

Dillon Casey On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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5 Things To Know About Simmons’ New Love Interest Will Daniels

Jemma Simmons never forgot Fitz while trapped on another planet, but a fellow survivor helped to keep her sanity.

Jemma Simmons found love in a hopeless place on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

After the monolith transported her to another universe, Simmons soon found out that she wasn’t the only human trapped on a planet where the sun only appears every 18 years. She first met the fellow survivor Will Daniels when he took her prisoner in his bunker, which she later escaped.

Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) view of him softened when he saved her from an ominous creature roaming the rocky desert hills outside. The two grew even closer when Simmons began to realize she may never escape that hellish planet.

Dillon Casey plays Will, a former Air Force pilot who NASA recruited in 2001 for a special mission through the monolith. A small group inside the space program considered it the “affordable future of space exploration” and sent Will on the possibly one-way trip with three other astronauts.

 The 32-year-old actor (on Oct. 29) is best known for his role on the former CW series “Nikita” He also played Rachel McAdams’ future brother-in-law in “The Vow” and starred on the Canadian series “Remedy.”

Learn more about Jemma Simmons’ new love interest and what their relationship could mean for FitzSimmons.

Born in America. Raised in Canada.

Casey was born in Dallas, Texas but he grew up in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He graduated from the local Oakville Trafalgar High School and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in Montreal in 2005.

Casey Has One Word For FitzSimmons’ ‘Shippers – “Sorry!”

The Canadian gentlemen quickly apologized to FitzSimmons’ fans when the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” episode “4,722 hours” ended on Tuesday night, knowing full well they would not appreciate his character jeopardizing the fan-favorite relationship.

Henstridge also had concerns for the fans when she initially read the script. She described the love triangle as “an impossible situation for everyone,” but Simmons never stopped loving Fitz (Iain de Caestecker).

“FitzSimmons is a slow burn that’s taken years, and they connected over intellect, whereas her and Will, it’s an ‘us against the world’ kind of thing,” Henstridge told The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the perceived competition, Fitz is still willing to help Jemma rebuild the portal and help rescue Will from the other side. “Time is of the essence and they don’t have time to dissect how they feel right now. They’re focusing on getting Will back and doing the right, humane thing,” she said.


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“Only I” Movie Clips Released – Watch Videos Now
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‘Only I’ tells the compelling aspirational story of Orion Smith, a troubled yet ambitious young man in his mid-twenties, who harbours the dream of becoming a Mixed Martial Arts champion.

Written & Directed by Rodny Paulson. Starring Brendan Fehr, Hunt Block & Dillon Casey.

Check out these exclusive clips below courtesy of Only I official facebook page!

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with REMEDY Star Dillon Casey
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With only a few weeks to go before REMEDY’s season two finale the TV Addict caught up with Dillon Casey, who plays fan favourite Griffin Connor on the series. The charismatic Canadian actor was only too happy to share why he thinks season two is must-watch TV, what’s next for Griff and more.

For the viewers who maybe dropped off watching in season one, what’s your elevator pitch to them to come back and catch up on season two? 
I think that the second season is really great, high-quality television, really raw. We get to see a lot of the backstory of the characters and why they end up the way they end up. I’m really attached to the character and I really want people to see it. I like the show. I love the cast. I love the writers. Remedy in its second season is hard-hitting, nail-biting drama with a family twist.

We also have Niall Matter who’s really hot. He’s a really sexy doctor, so my whole reason for people coming back would be to watch Niall Matter be sexy.

Playing an addict – one who’s recovering but also one who is now spiraling out – is a meaty role for an actor. How do you shoulder the responsibility of telling that story in a real way, where it does justice to the very real problem addicts face?
I just want to represent the character. It’s more important: what he’s going through as a person and why he’s doing the drugs. My job isn’t to be a role model; it’s not to set an example for kids. My job is to act, to be the character and connect with it the best way that I can.

Why do you think fans have connected with – and rooted for – Griffin even when he’s screwing everything up? 
I think people have connected with the character because the journey’s been real. The writers did a great job of it. We’re not trying to show that all addicts are this way. I never approach is as what they’re labelled as, therefore they should act this way. I approach them as a human being first, and then, if they happen to be addicted to drugs, they’re still the person they are. They’re not just some idea of an addict. I think that what people are relating to is that Griffin is a really real person. He’s a good guy, and this could happen to anyone.

Read the Full Interview HERE

Remedy 2×02 “When you Awake” Promo
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Watch as the stakes get even higher for the Conner family on Allen’s first day in ER.
Monday Mar. 30 at 9pm et/pt on Global TV.

Remedy Season 2: Medical Drama Returns With Explosive Premiere
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On the TV series “Remedy,” not everyone is cut out for the family business.

Last season, the freshman drama found medical school dropout and recovering drug addict Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey) spiralling out of control. To get his life back on track, he accepted a porter job at Bethune General Hospital, where his father Allen (Enrico Colantoni) acted as Chief of Staff. To complicate matters, his sisters Mel (Sara Canning) and Sandy (Sarah Allen) are a general surgeon and ICU nurse there, respectively. The show put the Conner clan, as well as the health care profession hierarchy, under a microscope as the family coped with their new strained set of circumstances.

When “Remedy” kicks off Season 2, it’s nine months later and the Conners have moved on with their lives. However, an explosion in the hospital immediately throws them off balance … and that’s just the beginning. Personal demons resurface. Charming new Dr. Peter Cutler (Niall Matter) causes ripples with Allen and Mel. Occupations shift. There’s a lot going on this year.

On the set of “Remedy” in November, 2014, Canning, Casey, Colantoni, Matter and executive producer Greg Spottiswood spoke to The Huffington Post Canada about the new season, dysfunctional family dynamics, going to dark places, babies and sex.

HuffPost Canada: What are some of the themes you wanted to explore this season?
Greg Spottiswood: The title we gave the season in the writers’ room is “The Discomfort Zone.” We wanted to put every character in a position where they’re uncomfortable and see how they react. The season premiere is designed to put everybody in an uncomfortable situation that will take some time for them to resolve.

One of the other themes of the show this season is “order vs. chaos.” Every character is either starting in order and descending into chaos, or starting in chaos and finding order. Griffin is a character who starts with order and ends in chaos.

What has this nine-month time jump allowed the writers to do story-wise?
Enrico Colantoni: The writers can introduce a baby. We get the whole pregnancy issue out of the way. We see these people where their lives are. Sometimes it gets a little tedious going, “OK, what happens the next day?” but here we are. We can talk about what happened between then and now. As for the Brian character, it’s easier to deal with a character that isn’t around anymore and not make him look like a deadbeat dad. We justify why he had to leave and it wasn’t just right away.

How does the Season 2 premiere immediately hit full throttle?
Dillon Casey: Right off the bat, the first episode has an explosion down in the basement where all the porters work. Griffin is immediately thrown into position to be the hero. Last year, he started as a victim. This year, he’s on the other side of it. He has medical knowledge and he’s surrounded by people who are critically injured. He needs to be the doctor. People immediately see the talent that he as. The problem with Griffin is he has the knowledge to do these things, but he is not ready mentally to deal with them.

Read the full Interview Here

Dillon Casey on being Griffin Conner in Remedy
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Actor says shooting Season 2 of the Global medical drama, which returns March 23, was intense.


Dillon Casey says he brings some of himself to his role as Griffin Conner on Global TV’s Remedy, which returns March 23.

Global’s medical drama Remedy returns for Season 2, once again looking at a family of medical practitioners navigating their way through the intensely hierarchical world of the health-care system.

The show has been likened to Downton Abbey in a hospital, as doctors, nurses and medics try to survive and thrive in the complex class system of Bethune Hospital.

The series, created by Greg Spottiswood (King) looks at the Conner family: dad Allen (Flashpoint’s Enrico Colantoni) is the acting chief of staff, whose two daughters, Melissa and Sandy (Sara Canning from The Vampire Diaries and Sarah Allen from Being Human), also work at the hospital, as well as son Griffin (Dillon Casey of Nikita).

Remedy, premiering Monday at 9 p.m. on Global, is shot in Toronto as well as at Hamilton’s Juravinski Hospital, which stands in as the fictional Bethune General.

Casey’s standout role as an anguished, conflicted med school dropout earned him his first Canadian Screen Award nomination.

Before Remedy, most fans knew Casey as former Navy Seal Sean Pierce on Nikita, or as a comedic actor from his YouTube shorts about living in Los Angeles. His first major role was as hunky hockey player Trevor Lemonde in the short-lived CBC series MVP.

The Star talked to Casey about Remedy. 

In Season 1, Griffin was the family failure. Now it looks like in Season 2 he’s emerging into his own.

As we start the new season Griffin has his stuff together better than anyone else. He’s back on track. He’s going to narcotics anonymous meetings. No one is worried about the old Grif. Everyone else is trying to figure out their own stuff, but he seems OK.

From the beginning we see Griffin snapping into action. He has to step up and use medical training. So everyone sees his potential and see how talented he is. But it won’t all be roses. At one point in the season there’s a very crazy turning point. It may or may not send Griffin on a downward spiral where he is losing it. It’s a very specific moment.

There are a lot of medical shows out there. Why is this one making an impact? You’ve got nearly a million people watching you every week.

First of all, I think the writing is very honest. It doesn’t try to create all these made-for-TV moments. It’s not quite a soap opera set in a hospital. But it’s also very intense and dramatic. I think at times it could be a very real glimpse into someone’s life. It’s life packed into 40 minutes with the boring parts cut off.


Remedy Cast Talk Season Two with ET Canada
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Dillon Casey, Genelle Williams, and Enrico Colantoni sit down and chat with ET Canada about what fans can expect from the upcoming season two premiere of Remedy on Monday, March 23 on Global.

Watch their interview below.



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