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  28 febrero 2012   Publicado por Purple Rain Volver

With a dimpled smile that could make hearts melt, Dillon Casey may be new on the Hollywood scene but his charm and wit has been making knees buckle across the world for much longer than that. He’s gone from starring as small-town ‘Chuck’ on TV series 11 Cameras to ‘Brandon Zimmerman’ on The Best Years to guest starring as ‘Sean’ on TV series House Party. For our Vampire Diaries’ lovers, this sexy young man was that infamous ‘pizza guy’ who tricked Elena into letting him into her house and who was in cahoots with tomb vampires Anna and Ben. However for most of us you will recognize the talented and handsome actor from his role as ‘Sean Pierce’ on The CW’s hit TV series Nikita. But no longer on somewhat small-scale television, Dillon has moved up the ranks to land himself on the big screen with his new movie The Vow.

We at TVAfterDark had the delight and the pleasure of interviewing Dillon. Beginning with his role in The Vow, he talked about what it was like to work alongside some of Hollywood’s finest and the inspiration that was the real life couple the movie is based on. Want to know which celebrity caused him to feel star struck? Want to hear about about a kiss with Jessica Lange that shouldn’t have happened? Do you want to know just how smooth Dillon Casey is with the ladies? Then take a seat, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy this exclusive interview with Dillon Casey – but don’t go far, because our next two videos delve into all things Nikita and all things Dillon.

For the ‘Nikita’ lovers…

If talking about Dillon’s role in The Vow wasn’t enough to satiate your thirst for all things Casey, then never fear, there’s more to come. Dillon’s guest roles have taken him far and wide; some of them we’ve mentioned, but the most notable is this Canadian hottie’s role in the CW’s hit TV show Nikita, where he plays Oversight agent ‘Sean Pierce’.

Being promoted to a series regular not so long ago, Dillon has plenty to share when it comes to Alex and Sean’s steamy romance and what he believes are the best and worst aspects of his character. Teasing us with spoilers on the death of “some very important characters” and giving us some insight into why his body takes your breath away, Dillon isn’t afraid to tell us what he loves most about this show – and why it gives him “goosebumps”. But don’t take my word for it – relish in this next video and the talent and humor that is Dillon Casey.

@SalexLover: @TVAfterDark I want to know if there are more Sean/Alex scenes coming this season of Nikita?

Getting to know Dillon…

He’s the scariest pizza man we’ve ever met, the steamiest gay character and the quirkiest personality. We at TVAfterDark have decided that we just can’t get enough of Dillon Casey – and this brilliant Canadian is so much more than his role as ‘Sean Pierce’ on Nikita or guest star roles on The Vampire Diaries, Being Erica, Skins and Torchwood. Dillon has come a long way from being on a Times Square Billboard in New York, where he scored his first major role as ‘Trevor’ in TV Series M.V.P.

From martial arts to celebrity crushes, Dillon entices us with playful banter about his first role as an actor, his love of improvisation and what it was like working with Nina Dobrev again. Dillon tells us “he should have been Indiana Jones” when talking about his dream role; and he amuses us with thoughts on his fashion sense: “If it was up to me I’d be wearing sweat pants and a crappy shirt with sauce on it all the time”. Now try to picture Dillon as the Genie from Aladdin; and imagine him listening to a band called “Make Your Exit” while in Jamaica and you’ll have an idea why we loved chatting with Dillon as much as we did. Enjoy this last video of our interview with Dillon Casey and you can also follow Dillon Casey on his ‘Official’ twitter @DillonCasey  and visit his Official Website HERE.

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